The Tango of the Elves


She awakens from eternal sleep to the presence of one of her kind, the first in a millenia.
He notices her from afar, running towards her with haste.
She sees him now.
Let the tango begin.
He makes his first move - she is not impressed.
He makes a more decisive, dramatic move - it's successful.
As they move towards each other, there is magic in the air, the universe pushing them together as if it was a law of physics.
Everything just falls into place and the world disappears around them.
What feels like an eternity is but a moment...
The air between them is magical and the universe is pushing them closer to one another.
The moment feels like an eternity, but it escapes them.
He is overtaken by ambition and pride, she cannot sway him as she once did.
After a deadly confrontation, she mourns him deeply as his body grows colder and colder...
If only he would have listened.
She mourns him deeply as his body grows colder by each moment.
Through a love so pure that it is but a force of the universe itself, she invigorates the air around him, sparking his heart with a stirring wind of energy, forcing his lungs to draw breath anew as she pulls his spirit back into his body.
He awakes, just as she once awoke to his presence, with clarity.
Through love they are connected and through life, and even death, they are but one.
That's the end of their story (although it may just be the beginning) but I believe that pure love exists in all of us in a similar way, but hidden among insecurities and fear. When we experience these moments of clarity, we can feel connected to ourself, to others.
Love connects us, through life and death, and pure love knows no limits.